The Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa was formed in 1956 and currently has 169 members.
The mission of the Association is to support its members in their efforts to provide the highest quality patient care and attain and maintain professional and ethical standards.

The Executive Committee

Sub Committee's

College of Plastic Surgeons

  • Dr Wayne Kleintjes (President)
  • Dr Saleigh Adams (Secretary)
  • Professor Elias Ndobe
  • Dr Mahendra Daya

Educational Sub-committee:

  • Dr Mahendra Daya (Chairman)
  • Dr Christiaan Van der Walt (Secretary)
  • Professor Anil Madaree
  • Professor Elias Ndobe
  • Dr Solly Selahle
  • Dr Kenneth Segwapa
  • Dr Wayne Kleintjes
  • Dr Alex Zuhlke
  • Dr Kevin Adams